Monday, October 7, 2013

Theatrical production - local theatre company

This year Brave New World Rep launches NEW WORKS, a play initiative designed to help the company deepen its commitment to artists in our borough. Throughout the year, a staged reading series will showcase four Brooklyn writers' work presented in diverse, environmentally-specific locations throughout Brooklyn. The first is this coming Sunday:
Captain Mike
By Gary Winter
Directed by Kristan Seemel
October 13, 4:30p.m.
The Waterfront Museum
290 Conover Street, at Pier 44
Brooklyn, NY
With: Craig A. Grant, Melissa Miller and Scott Voloshin
Stage Manager: Anne Huston
Captain Mike is a comedy about the fine art of irresponsibility, as well as unintended consequences. Mike is owner/captain of a small charter boat on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Growing up is not part of the plan for Mike: his best friend Dr. Lenny is a street musician on the docks, and he and his ex-wife Eve are happily co-dependent and oblivious to the increasing danger signs of their daughter's erratic behavior. A seemingly minor incident at the docks triggers a series of events that tests the integrity of these relationships, and Mike's commitment to willful ignorance.

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