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Roulette Presents: Craig Taborn - Chants, Feat: Thomas Morgan, Gerald Cleaver Monday, May 6, 8pm

Roulette Presents:
Craig Taborn
Feat: Thomas Morgan, Gerald Cleaver
Monday, May 6, 8pm

What: Craig Taborn - Chants
When: Monday, May 6, 8pm
Where: Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, 2/3/4/5/A/C/G/D/M/N/R/B/Q trains & the LIRR
Cost: $15/10
Info: / 917.267.0368 /

Just as Avenging Angel subverted expectations of solo improvised piano, so does Taborn's Chants find its own response to the vast tradition of the piano trios.  The pieces that Taborn has been writing for the band in the eight years of its existence are set-up to generate a new group music by channelling the special skills of drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Thomas Morgan. "I knew that if I created a context and then deferred, fully, to Gerald's and Thomas's sensibilities it would inherently be stimulating and would also challenge the context.  I wanted to invite that challenge: I'd much rather engage with the group, always, than have the format be 'piano adventures with supporting cast".  Morgan and Cleaver share the leader's concern for compositional shape and multi-layered improvisational detail, as the music is pulled between the poles of density and spaciousness, to dramatic and thrilling effect.  Chants will perform at Roulette, May 6 at 8pm, for tickets go to .

Craig Taborn studied music theory and composition with university teachers for two years at high school. While still a university student, he became known for his membership of saxophonist James Carter's band, where he contributed to a series of albums, beginning with "JC on the Set", which was recorded in 1993. His first recording as leader came in 1994. In the following year, he graduated from the University of Michigan with a liberal arts degree. During the 1990s he also worked with Mat Maneri, Roscoe Mitchell, Nate Smith, Lotte Anker, Dave Binney, Wayne Krantz, Adam Rogers and others.

In 2001 he made his first recordings under the leadership of Tim Berne, and with the Susie Ibarra trio. In the same year, he made his second recording as leader: Light Made Lighter, with Chris Lightcap on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums. "On the strength of this recording," wrote the Los Angeles Times reviewer, "Taborn emerges as one of the most exciting pianists to lead a band since the ascent of Matthew Shipp". He went on to work, in 2002, with Dave Douglas, Hugh Ragin, and the Norwegian bassist Eivind Opsvik; with Marty Ehrlich in 2003; Drew Gress in 2004, and Chris Potter, from 2005. He has worked with many other musicians, including David Torn, Michael Formanek, and Tomasz Stanko, as well as with members of The Bad Plus, having grown up with that band's drummer, Dave King and bassist, Reid Anderson. His first solo album, Avenging Angel, was released in 2011. Taborn toured internationally with Dave Holland's quartet "Prism" in 2012.

About Roulette
Roulette – one of New York City's premiere venues for experimental music for over 33 years - has reopened bigger and better than ever. Located in a newly renovated 1920s Art Deco concert hall in Downtown Brooklyn, the new Roulette features two levels of seating for up to 400 people (600 standing), an expanded multi-channel sound system, projection screen for film and multi-media events, state-of-the-art lighting system, modular stage, and a specially designed floor to accommodate dance. Teamed with bold new programming, the new Roulette promises to be one of the most exciting places in New York City - if not the country - to experience adventurous music and art.


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