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[Kaskus Lounge] Gaga for Gagaga Girl! [Yu-Gi-Oh!]

Kaskus Lounge has posted a new item, 'Gaga for Gagaga Girl! [Yu-Gi-Oh!]'

The Gagaga monsters are all about Xyz Summoning: use the right ones, and you can
unlock Xyz Monsters at almost any rank you choose! Todays Gagaga Decks revolve
around Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl: the Magician can change his Level to
anything between 1 and 8, while his lovely assistant mimics that Level with her
effect. Gagaga Magician was a Super Rare in Generation Force, and a common in
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, but Gagaga Girl was a tough-to-get Secret Rare, until
now! Now shes available as one of two possible Super Rare cards in Abyss Rising
Special Edition, so its easier than ever before to build your very own Gagaga

So, what do you do when you can Xyz Summon almost anything? The skys the limit,
but one of the best strategies actually uses Gagaga Girls secondary ability to
make a devastating combo win. Check it out!

Believe it or not, if your opponent controls any monster with 2800 ATK or more,
you can win the Duel with nothing but Gagaga Girl and Gagaga Magician!

First, Summon Gagaga Magician and use its effect to shift it to Level 5.
Next, Summon Gagaga Girl and activate her ability to make her Level 5 as well.
Now overlay for Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech.
When you Xyz Summon Machu Mech, Gagaga Girls second ability gives it this
When it is Xyz Summoned: You can target 1 Special Summoned monster your opponent
controls; its ATK becomes 0.
Use that ability to reduce your opponents 2800 ATK monster to 0 ATK.

Machu Mechs regular effect lets you detach an Xyz Material to target an opposing
monster. It inflicts damage to your opponent equal to the difference between the
monsters original ATK and current ATK, then Machu Mech gains ATK equal to to the
damage. If you burn your opponent for at least 2800 damage, youll boost Machu
Mech to 5200 ATK. Your opponent will only have 5200 Life Points left, so
attacking over the monster you reduced to 0 ATK means an instant win.

The entire Gagaga strategy gets stronger tomorrow when Cosmo Blazer is released,
These three cards flesh out any Gagaga Deck.

You might recognize Gagaga Caesar from Abyss Rising, but hes got a new friend in
Cosmo Blazer. Caesar always wants to be played with at least one more Gagaga
monster he cant attack if hes alone, and he can banish a monster from your
Graveyard to boost both himself, and any other Gagaga monster to the Level of
whatever you removed. The more the merrier!

The new Gagaga Clerk is custom-made to combo with Gagaga Caesar: if you control
another Gagaga, you can Special Summon her from your hand. Normal Summon Caesar;
Special Summon Clerk; and you can make strong attacks or match their Levels for
Xyz Summons.

Gagagadraw is another stellar new card for the Gagaga theme: the new-age answer
to Pot of Greed. By banishing 3 Gagaga monsters from your Graveyard, you draw 2
cards; a simple but incredibly powerful effect. If you overlay two Gagagas for
Gagaga Cowboy, youll have the three monsters you need to activate Gagagadraw
once the Cowboys destroyed. Battling even just one monster with Cowboy puts you
in a great position once Gagagadraw kicks in.

Most Gagaga Duelists find that their first Xyz Summon comes easily, but the Deck
can run out of steam in the mid-game. Gagagadraw refuels your hand and banishes
the monsters youve already used so you can Special Summon back an important
Gagaga with Leviair the Sea Dragon.

With Gagaga Girl in the Abyss Rising Special Edition and new Gagaga tricks
coming in Cosmo Blazer, Gagagas are ready to shine in the new year!
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source : KONAMI

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