Friday, February 8, 2013

[Gaun -] Kim Ji Hyun of Roo’ra Talks About Her Surgery and New Album

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About Her Surgery and New Album'

Its been said that Koreans have a fever for bimaxillary operationsoperations
where bones in the upper and lower jaw are cut to make the face shorter and the
chin more slender. Former Roora member Kim Ji Hyun is no exception.
At the beginning of a recent interview with edaily, she looked nervous, which is
understandable considering the years shes spent out of the limelight and the
recent scandals involving former Roora members Ko Young Wook, Shin Jung Hwan,
and Lee Sang Min.
When asked what made her decide to choose such extensive surgery, she said that
she went through a lot of tough times in the past ten years and she wanted a
change in her life. She still isnt fully recovered from her surgery, but she
couldnt turn down all the offers to appear on shows.
Heres what she looked like before surgery:

Shes also known to be working on her new album. She explained that her father
passed away last month and this made her depressed. She felt that she had to
find something else to keep herself busy.
Are you excited for a Kim Ji Hyun comeback?

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