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[Read the Lifetime Movie Network description of the movie here.]While watching
the new Steel Magnolias, I didn't get the vibe that these women were really
supportive to one another. To me, they were gossiping about each other while
getting their hair done in the process. It was a competition as to who could
make the wittiest, rudest comment as they poked and prodded into each other's
lives.[Image via]Queen Latifah's character M'Lynn was the main character. It was
touching when she stayed by her daughter's side in the hospital. She did it well
and displayed what would be a true mother's love. But that last scene of hers -
when she had the breakdown in the salon towards the end of the movie - was just
not believable. She said she wanted to "hit somebody" and was grunting and
balling up her fists...that was not presented well. I didn't feel any empathy.
Other scenes were good, but this particular scene just didn't cut it.Phylicia
Rashad's character Clairee was just weird. I still don't know what her role was
supposed to be. Maybe just a fill-in salon gossiper with a bad accent.Jill
Scott's character Truvy was disappointing. She's the salon owner and it was
obvious that there were some discord between her and her husband. But the movie
didn't explore this issue at all. The movie only focused on M'Lynn and the drama
with her daughter Shelby - not much else.Alfre Woodard's character Ouiser don't know what her character was besides a mean, old bitter lady
who was mad at the world. She was the rudest, didn't care if she offended anyone
or not. If these women are supposed to be your friends, why disrespect them so
frequently? I didn't get it.Adepero Oduye's character Annelle was the woman who
was a by-the-Bible type person. I was glad to see a different face in an
African-American movie for a change, but her role was not needed in my opinion -
especially towards the end when she was supposedly giving M'Lynn some
encouragement and support for the death of her daughter. Another fill-in
actress.Condola Rashad's character Shelby was my second best actress in this
movie, probably because next to Queen Latifah, her storyline was the only one
that was fully explored, but it was only the storyline with her mother, not her
husband. That was disappointing.Overall, I would give this movie a 2.5 out of 5
rating. There were too many famous people in this movie for the spotlight to
only be on Queen Latifah. I wanted to see more from Jill Scott's character
Truvy, about how she and her husband worked things out. I wanted to see the
drama between Shelby and her husband as they fought over whether or not she
should have kids and the toll it would take on her body. I wanted to see Alfre
Woodard's character Ouiser reconnect with her old flame. I wanted to see Annelle
develop a relationship with the guy who was stalking her at Shelby's wedding as
well as explore her relationship with her husband. What really happened with
them? Did they get a divorce? Also, the fake Southern accents had me rolling my
eyes every now and then because it just didn't seem believable. Why even go for
the Southern accents? Were they really necessary? I don't know if it's proper to
compare this version with the original 1989 Steel Magnolias. I've seen the old
version and I liked it. My opinion is that they should've slapped a new movie
title on this version and left the old film title alone. The titles could've
been - "Women of the Salon" or "The Over Protective Mom" or "Salon
Acquaintances" or "Hair, Nails and Drama". (lol) What did you think of the new
movie?[Please note, this review is based on MY opinion of the movie, Steel
Magnolias, that I watched on October 7, 2012. If you have a comment, leave it
below.]Follow @tinamartinbookswww.tinamartin.netAuthor of: Secrets On Lake
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