Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Gentle Reminder

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In a small theater in a big place (Times Square),
two shows are playing for two nights only! 

Make a plan, make a date, make a reservation!
Then join us this weekend for some of the most outlandish comedy you've ever seen:
Dastardly mutes full of epic grace and vengeance!
Loverly lovers full of dildos and song!
It will be a night to remember.

Anticipatorially yours, 
Jay, John & Sophie

(and hey, p.s., if you've seen these already, remember to send your friends!)
Fri.-Sat., May 4 & 5, 2012 
7:30 pm: Handshake Uppercut
9:30 pm: Peg-ass-us
Tickets: $15
151 w. 46th St. (bet. 6th/7th), 8th Floor, NYC
Handshake Uppercut: Jay Dunn & John Leo
Handshake Uppercut
a Victorian Clown Throwdown
created & performed by
Jay Dunn & John Leo

“a brilliant piece of theater...will help raise the quality bar of clown-theater.”

7:30pm, $15
watch the trailer!

Two slightly perverted but naively well-intentioned mutes drag each other through life with only each other's mischievous cruelty to keep them warm. With voyeuristic vaudeville bits, and surrealist non sequitors, Jay Dunn and John Leo marry Beckett's existential bleakness, the Marquis de Sade's power-games, and Keaton's comedic sincerity. Both epic and infinitesimal, these gentleman comrades will laugh you out of your seat while they steal it from under you.

“They made me crème fraîche my panties!” - audience member

Created in 2010 for the NY Clown Theatre Festival and developed through a residency at Dixon Place, Handshake Uppercut  is presented at the Tank as part of the New Works Festival. This summer, Handshake Uppercut is headed to the Chicago and Philly Fringes! Help us cover costs by going to our INDIEGOGO PAGE!

**Handshake Uppercut is not for kids  

a Romantic Sex-Ed Burlesque
created & performed by 
Sophie Nimmannit & John Leo

WINNER: Best Comedy
2008 San Francisco Fringe Festival

9:30pm, $15 
A hilariously penetrating look at queer sex for straight folks, complete with sing-a-longs, how-to’s, romance, puppets and soul-baring striptease. Sophie Nimmannit and John Leo (with direction from Audrey Crabtree & Leslie Strongwater) have crafted perhaps the silliest, most heartfelt romantic comedy about anal sex imaginable! Their beginner's guide, stuffed with toys and songs, goes off-script with a lover's quarrel that tickles qualms, exposes scruples, liberates desire and comes to a climax where everyone gets off!

"It's just about the most fun you can have with a dildo, short of actually using the dildo." - Loyal Fan
Peg-ass-us has been spreading the good word since 2008! and has appeared at
 the Montreal & San Francisco Fringe Festivals, the Brick Theater (Brooklyn), Bard College and as Artists-in-Residence at 
Dixon Place.  Peg-ass-us has toured to Juneau (Alaska), Seattle and Portland and appeared as part of Sex Week at Brown ('11) and Yale Universities ('12).
**Peg - ass - us contains nudity and sexually explicit content.

see BOTH shows for $20!
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